Camp to You is a mobile program that provides camp activities to all who are interested, including those of all ages and abilities. It’s pure fun!

Oak Hill’s Camps & Recreation staff come right to your group home, classroom, event/party, or organization with all the exciting materials, enthusiasm, and a packed “camp” activity schedule. No need for you to travel!

Our staff spend tailoring the materials and instruction to suit the needs and interests of your groups, with the ability to quickly modify activities and adjust based on how much fun the group is having.

Camp to You can simply be geared toward having fun or have additional educational components such as taking turns, critical thinking, fine/gross motor skills, individual and group problem-solving to name a few! You name it, we’ll address it! Creativity IS our expertise.

Important note: Direct care staff or family/guardians must accompany Camp to You attendees


For up to 10 Individuals with Disabilities (Campers) & their Direct Care Staff or Family/Guardians

Please let us know if you are interested and would like to further discuss your groups’ needs. Contact our Camps & Recreation Director at