Camp Harkness

Camp Harkness provides a week-long overnight summer camp for adults or children with disabilities.

Our camp is a fun and safe place for campers with similar needs, activity interests and social interests, to come together. Our trained staff will provide a supportive environment where our campers have opportunities to:

  • Experience new leisure activities or enhance skills in areas in which you already feel successful
  • Develop a positive and confident self image
  • Make new friends or get together with old friends
  • Build enduring friendships and a lasting network of support
  • Participate in guided activities designed to enhance leadership, self-advocacy, and team building skills.
  • Gain independence

At Camp Harkness we strive, above all, to provide a fun and positive environment where our campers feel accepted and successful.

Want to learn more about either camp? Contact Us:

Jillian McCarthy, Camp Director
Phone: 860-228-0393 Ext. 4068