About Camps and Recreation

Oak Hill’s Camps and Recreation Program offers a variety of safe, engaging and fun-filled social experiences for individuals with disabilities. People come from far and wide to participate in our residential summer camp sessions, inclusive social events and to find meaningful experiences and social connections through our recreational services. Our offerings range from sports and fitness opportunities to camp and social activities. Children and adults with and without disabilities can experience the joys of recreational activities as well as residential or day camp experiences while also developing social skills, increasing independence, and building confidence.

While services can be delivered in areas across the state, we primarily serve individuals with disabilities at either of our locations: Camp Harkness (Waterford, CT) and Camp Hemlocks (Hebron, CT).

  • Camp Harkness
    • Camp Harkness is located in Waterford, Connecticut on the state-owned property of Harkness Park featuring beach access and beautifully manicured grounds. The park has a dedicated area for campers that is restricted to the public and park pass holders. Oak Hill is one of four agencies that operate overnight camps at Harkness Park. This allows for more a more intimate experience or larger social group interaction between camps if desired! And offers incredibly accessible amenities for individuals with disabilities.
  • Camp Hemlocks
    • Camp Hemlocks is located in the scenic woods of Hebron, Connecticut. New to Oak Hill in 2015, renovations began quickly, restoring this beloved community treasure after being closed for several years. There was little hope of Camp Hemlocks reopening when Hebron resident and Oak Hill president, Barry Simon intervened and brought the magic back to the facility and those it serves. Since that time, thousands of campers have enjoyed the unique experience and accessible grounds that is Camp Hemlocks!

Proud Affiliate

We are the proud affiliate of Easterseals. For 100 years, Easterseals has served as an indispensable resource for individuals with disabilities, veterans, seniors, and their families. Easterseals affiliates in communities nationwide serve 1.5M people through high-quality programs including autism services, early intervention, workforce development, adult day care and more high-quality programs including autism services, early intervention, workforce development, adult day care and more.

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Please take some time to explore our innovative services and let us know if you are interested in connecting further.

Taylor Bernardo, Director of Camps and Recreation


Oak Hill is very active on social media providing a great deal of resources and updates regarding our special events and services including that of our Camps & Recreation Program. We would love to connect with you on Instagram: @oakhillct